August 20: 32 tabs

Bits and Bytes

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02  Apple: According to the latest iOS 8 beta, the upcoming iPhone will have a screen resolution of 1472 x 828 pixels. On a 4.7 inch display, that's 360 pixels per inch. On a 5.5 inch display, that's 308 pixels per inch. The iPhone 5/5s has a pixel per inch rating of 325.

03  Apple: KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo: "Remember all those iWatch predictions I made? Yeah, they're bullshit. Expect the watch next year. Maybe. I don't know."

04  Def Con: The BBC made a lovely seven and a half minute video about the world's largest hacker convention. In it, they show off car hacking, traffic light hacking, social engineering, and even smart appliance hacking.

05  Diaspora: Remember when a few kids in New York got a whole lot of money to create an open source version of Facebook? Yeah, that went nowhere, just like, but anyway, the Islamic State has decided to use the software in order to get around their Twitter ban.

06  Facebook: In the latest version of the Facebook app for Android, links now open within the application itself instead of spitting you out to your phone's default web browser.

07  Google: 12 BBC stories have been removed so far from Google's European search results. Note: If you're in Europe, and you want to search the "complete" internet, just tell Google you're in the United States.

08  Google: You know how Android phones can take sweet 360 degree photos called "Photo Spheres"? Now iPhones can too.

09  HTC: As expected, they launched a Windows Phone version of their Android flagship, the M8. It's Verizon only, for now, though it'll eventually come to AT&T. No word as to whether or not it'll be sold in international markets.

10  Microsoft: Steve Ballmer has left Microsoft's Board of Directors. "I see a combination of the Clippers, civic contribution, teaching, and study taking a lot of my time," he wrote.

11  Netflix: They're now paying Time Warner for better access to their customers. Reminder: Netflix is also paying Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T.

12  Patent Troll: "Intellectual Ventures, the company Silicon Valley loves to despise, is laying off about 20% of its employees, Bloomberg Businessweek has learned. On Tuesday, IV sent a memo to its workers, notifying them of the cuts. The company has been employing 700 people, which means about 140 will be let go."

13  PayPal: They've finally pulled an Amazon and launched "OneTouch" payments. How does it work? You download and install the PayPal app on your phone, open it, and log in. After that, all the other apps on your phone that are OneTouch enabled will no longer ask you for your PayPal credentials.

14  Snapchat: The WSJ says Snapchat will launch ads in November.

15  Sprint: The Japanese operator SoftBank owns Sprint, so they've decided to export a Japanese phone, the Sharp AQUOS Crystal, to the United States. For $240, you can buy a 5.0 inch 720p Android device that looks absolutely amazing. Shame it's locked to the worst network in the country.

16  Sprint: This U.S. operator has launched their own App Store called "App Pass". It's noteworthy because of the business model: Pay $5 per month and download whatever you want. Technically, there are no "paid" apps.

17  Twitter: Yes, it's true, Twitter will now show you random shit because they can. "Our goal is to make your home timeline even more relevant and interesting."

18  Uber: They're trying something in Washington D.C. called "Corner Store". It's quite simple to explain: Tell an Uber driver what you'd you like from the store, and the driver will do your shopping and deliver it to your door. Example prices: $7.00 for two tubes of toothpaste. $9.00 for a 12 pack of condoms.

19  UK: "Almost one in three (31%) of smartphone users in the UK do not download any apps on their device in a typical month, according to a report by Deloitte – a steep increase from less than one in five in 2013. Of those that do, the average number of apps downloaded per month has fallen from 2.32 to 1.82. The report also found that almost nine in ten people never spend money on apps or other smartphone content, suggesting that demand for paid apps is even lower."

20  ZTE: They're going to bring the Nubia 5S Mini to America via Amazon. What will $280 buy you? 4.7 inch 720p panel, Snapdragon 400, 2 GB of RAM, 13 megapixel camera on the back, five on the front, LTE, and 16 GB of storage.

The Real World

21  China: Earlier this week, Mercedes was found guilty of price-fixing car parts. Today: "China has levied a record fine totaling $202 million on twelve Japanese car parts companies for price-fixing."

22  Ebola: Liberia has deployed troops in their capital to enforce a quarantine. Obvious question: What happens if the troops get sick?

23  Europe: More men in 10 Western European countries are now dying because of cancer than because of cardiovascular disease. It's being called a "tipping point" in terms of health. A decrease in smoking and improvement in heart medication is being credited.

24  Ferguson: In Saint Louis, not that far from Ferguson, another black man was shot and killed. Unlike Michael Brown, however, this man was waving a knife at police. Not saying deadly force is right (it rarely is), just pointing out that the situation was different.

25  India: "Tourism makes up almost 7% of India's GDP - about the same as the IT sector. It is also responsible for about 100 million jobs. But official figures show that last year, the entire country attracted fewer than seven million foreign tourists, while cities like Bangkok and London attracted twice that number." Seems like every other week there's a new gang rape story spreading across the internet. That might do some damage.

26  Italy: "Two Italian military jets have collided in mid-air during a training exercise in eastern Italy." They're still trying to find the pilots. Godspeed.

27  Russia: Remember how Russia banned food imports from Western countries? Pork prices are up 20%. Milk prices are up 5.3%. The Russian government is threatening companies who attempt to profit from the food ban, though how exactly wasn't specified.

28  UK: "Breastfeeding can halve the risk of post-natal depression, according to a large study of 14,000 new mothers."

29  UK: "The way children draw at the age of four can be a predictor of later intelligence, a study has suggested. Researchers asked 7,752 pairs of twins to draw a picture of a child which was then scored by the number of features such as head, legs, hands, and feet. They found a moderately strong link between higher drawing scores and the later intelligence test results." I can't even draw a straight line, so I must be an idiot.

30  USA: In February 1942, the USS Houston was sunk by the Japanese. The wreckage has only now been discovered. It's in the Java Sea.

31  USA: Researchers at Siena College in New York have discovered that tree climbing snakes apply immense amounts of pressure on tree limbs because they value safety over metabolic efficiency. How tight are we talking about? Five times the required pressure to support their body weight.

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