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Bits and Bytes

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03  BlackBerry: They spent an undisclosed amount of money on a company called "Movirtu". What do they do? They let you give a smartphone (running any OS) multiple phone numbers.

04  eBay: Our business model is to charge you ridiculous fees to sell your junk. Next quarter, that's going to change. People who use our app spend, on average, 150 minutes in the app every month, so you know what that means, right? Ads. Lots of them. More Canadian Viagra than you'll ever be able to consume.

05  Facebook: The WSJ is reporting that Facebook is approaching YouTube stars and asking them to leave YouTube for Facebook. The stars reportedly screamed "Show me the money!" into their iPhones, bewildering Zuckerberg.

06  Freedom: "Yahoo said the U.S. government threatened to fine it $250,000 a day if the search giant failed to hand over user data."

07  Google: Here's a list of the first Android applications that will run on your Chromebook. Spoiler: Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words, and Vine. That's it, just four apps.

08  Google: They've announced "iOS Sync", which is a deceptive name, because it should really be called "Google Device Manager". The new app lets your employer control the Google accounts on your phone, your camera roll, the WiFi networks you can and can not connect to, and other such corporate security policies.

09  Google: They've aqui-hired (what a terrible word) a company called Polar. Price unknown. Polar makes a service that lets you run online polls.

10  HP: They're going to buy a company called "Eucalyptus" for what's believed to be less than $100 million. What do they do? According to Reuters, they "provide open-source software for building private and hybrid clouds."

11  HTC: Bloomberg says HTC will launch a GoPro clone, potentially as soon as next month.

12  HTC: CNET is reporting that HTC will join the smart watch game in early 2015. No photos, no specs, not even a mention of the operating system (custom? Android Wear?).

13  Kevin Rose: He left Google to launch an Instagram clone.

14  Microsoft: A video showing off a leaked version of Windows 9 has been published. Spoiler: It looks like Windows 7, but with a bunch of tiles just hanging out near the start menu doing nothing.

15  Microsoft: They published a blog post that basically says "look at all the Windows Phones that were announced at IFA!" The strange part is they're from brands you've never, ever, heard of. NGM, KAZAM, BLU, YEZZ, and ARCHOS. All of them seem to have a broken caps lock key.

16  RadioShack: We're in the process of trying to get a loan. We need this loan, a lot. If we don't get it, we're going to declare bankruptcy.

17  Rakuten: They're thinking of cloning Airbnb, but only in Japan.

18  Robots: Stop and think about how much mental energy it takes to identify an object, classify the properties of said object, pick it up, and then place it somewhere else. There's now a robot that can just do that, and it's called "Boris".

19  SanDisk: They've announced a 512 GB SD card, a world first. Price? $800.

20  Sharp: We're working with Qualcomm on a brand spanking new display technology called MEMS-IGZO that we plan to start mass producing in 2017. Panels using said technology will likely end up in cars, tablets, and phones. They'll be like today's LCDs, but brighter, all while using even less power.

21  Spotify: One year after launching in Australia, the use of bit torrent to pirate music dropped by 20%.

22  Turkey: The government has given the president the power to block any website he wants.

23  Uber: 1,000 New York Uber drivers are planning a strike on Monday. What do they want? Better pay and working conditions.

24  Videogames: Augmented sand boxes are the next big thing, or at least that's what Sega thinks.

25  Western Digital: They've announced a 10 terabyte hard drive that you or I won't be able to buy because it's meant for businesses like Netflix, but who cares, let's celebrate this achievement.

26  YouTube: "YouTube will bring in $1.13 billion in 2014 video ad revenue, or 18.9% of the overall U.S. digital video ad market, according to a new report from research firm eMarketer."

The Real World

27  Australia: For the first time in over a decade, they've raised their terror alert level from medium to high. Why? All the shit that's happening in Iraq and Syria.

28  Cuba: You guys over there in West Africa need some serious help battling the Ebola virus. We're going to send 165 of our best people over for six months. Godspeed.

29  Europe: Those sanctions that we promised we'd slap on Russia but didn't because they agreed to a ceasefire with Ukraine, well, we've changed our mind. They're now in full effect. Goodbye, Russian economy, we hardly knew ye.

30  IS: The CIA has finally published a rough estimate as to the number of Islamic State fighters: 31,000.

31  The Sahara Desert: Scientists have found the remains of a 95 million year old dinosaur called "Spinosaurus". They say it's not only the largest carnivorous dinosaur to ever exist, but that it also spent a significant portion of its life in water versus on land. It's roughly 50 feet long and has a "sail" on its back that's seven feet high.

32  UK: A four year study involving nearly 3,000 fat people suggests that those who are shamed for being fat end up gaining even more weight, while those who do not genuinely make an effort to trim down.

33  UK: William Pooley left the UK to help people in Sierra Leone battle the Ebola virus. He got infected, was sent home, was given a highly experimental drug called Zmapp, and now he's healthy. Well guess what? He's going back to Africa.

34  USA: An elementary school teacher in the U.S. state of Utah shot herself in the leg while she was on the job. She had a permit to carry the gun. She apparently shot herself while she was in the bathroom, before classes started.

35  USA: Roughly 1,000 police officers in Los Angeles raided approximately 50 businesses thought to be laundering money to Mexican drug cartels. Guess how much cash they found? $70 million. One business alone was hiding half of that.

36  USA: A judge told an unnamed Seattle man to start practicing safe sex or else face jail time. Said man, after finding out he had HIV back in 2008, deliberately infected eight people in the span of four years.

37  USA: Ten countries (Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates) have agreed to help us battle IS.

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