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Bits and Bytes

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02  Amazon: According to internal documents from the office products supply store Staples, Amazon will launch a $10 credit card reader next month. No further details were provided.

03  Amazon: They launched a new section in their online store that has roughly 200 items which are 3D printed on-demand.

04  Apple: Bose is suing Beats for "infringing several patents related to noise-cancellation technology." They don't say how much money they want.

05  Apple: Re/code has confirmed that Apple has purchased the book recommendation service "BookLamp". Price unknown.

06  Apple: Re/code says Apple is going to drop $30 million on a company called "Swell". What do they do? "Pandora-for-talk-radio".

07  China: The Head of China's Ministry of Information, Zhang Feng, says nearly 200 million smartphones were shipped in China during the first half of this year.

08  Free WiFi: If you have six and a half minutes to spare, and you want to scare the living bejesus out of yourself, watch this BBC video on free WiFi. You'll be amazed at just what sort of information companies can gather simply by you walking around a store or even a city.

09  Google: Android Police published a rumor during the weekend that says Motorola is going to make the next Nexus smartphone, and that said phone will have a 5.9 inch screen.

10  Homer: The co-founder of PayPal has launched an iPhone app that lets you share screenshots of your iPhone's home screens with other iPhone users. If this isn't disruptive, I don't know what is.

11  IBM: Bloomberg is reporting that IBM has failed to sell their chip factories to GlobalFoundries. The big question is who will buy them now? Samsung? Intel?

12  Keys: Did you know that there are apps that can copy any key? You take a bunch of photos of a key, send them to a service like KeyMe or KeysDuplicated, and then they'll send you a perfect copy. Read this Wired article and feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

13  Lyft: When this Uber competitor said they were going to launch in New York City, government officials stepped in and told them to go home. Several meetings later, Lyft was finally given permission to launch, but with a huge caveat: Drivers need to be certified by the taxi and limousine commission. Kind of defeats the purpose of Lyft, which prides itself on the "neighbors driving neighbors" business model.

14  Microsoft: Reuters: "Chinese government officials have made sudden visits to Microsoft's offices in China, a spokeswoman for the company said on Monday, but declined to give any reason for the inspections."

15  Microsoft: Sean Stokke is a stock trader who lives in Seattle. Sean Stokke had a friend inside Microsoft. Sean Stokke used his friend's inside knowledge to make $400,000. Sean Stokke will spend the next 18 months in jail.

16  Microsoft: They made a 30 second commercial showing off their Siri competitor, Cortana. In said ad, Siri is admitting how limited she is.

17  Microsoft: They've published some documentation detailing the features that will come to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. Spoiler: Folders, support for 7.0 inch screen phones, support for 1280 x 800 pixel screens, VoLTE (Voice over LTE), and smart flip covers.

18  Samsung: Teenage girl falls asleep with her phone next to her pillow. Phone blows up. She's fine, but FOX News (rightfully) nails Samsung to the wall in this three minute video.

19  Samsung: They've issued a statement saying the Tizen phone that was supposed to launch in Russia this quarter will actually never launch at all. Is anyone surprised?

20  T-Mobile USA: AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon each offer family plans that give four people unlimited talking and texting and 10 GB of shared data for $160 per month. T-Mobile now does the same thing, but for $100 per month. Small catch: That 10 GB of data isn't pooled together. Instead, each line gets 2.5 GB.

21  Uber: Their ban in Hamburg, Germany has been lifted.

22  WordPress: The company that invented WordPress has cloned Instagram. Their app, which is Android only, is called Selfies.

23  Xiaomi: Rio Akasaka is a Google employee. He went to China, bought a Xiaomi phone, and documented what it was like to use it. Key takeaway from the article: Sure, Xiaomi's phones may look like iPhones, but the company also does an amazing job integrating numerous services into a highly cohesive experience.

The Real World

24  Algeria: Small update on the Air Algerie AH5017 crash: Not only has the wreckage been located, but so too has the black box.

25  Japan: Police have arrested a 15 year old school girl for killing another 15 year old school girl and cutting off her head and one of her hands. According to local media, she said: "I did it all by myself."

26  Korea: There's a baseball team in Korea that struggles to get people to attend their games. Solution? Put robots in the stadium that fans can control over the internet. People can make the robots cheer, chant, and even perform the wave. Yes, this is as depressing as you're thinking.

27  Netherlands: Mikhail Khodorkovsky used to be in charge of a massive Russian oil company called "Yukos". At one point, he was the richest man in Russia. Putin took over the company, kicked Mikhail out, and even put him in jail. A court in The Hauge just ruled that Mikhail, and former Yukos shareholders, should be given $50 billion.

28  Russia: They sent a satellite into space carrying five geckos with the goal of observing their sex lives in zero gravity. The story that everyone published was that the Russians lost control of the satellite. Thankfully, that's not the case anymore. Communication has been restored.

29  Scotland: High Intensity Training (HIT) is nothing new. For those who haven't heard of it, you basically push your body to the limit for brief periods of time instead of exercising at a steady pace forever and ever. Researchers in Scotland made 12 retired gentlemen cycle as fast as they could for six seconds, twice a week, for six weeks. Result? "Participants had reduced their blood pressure by 9%, increased their ability to get oxygen to their muscles, and found day-to-day activities like getting out of a chair or walking the dog easier."

30  UK: "A judge is being investigated after he was accused of falling asleep during a child rape trial."

31  UK: Scientists have developed a blood test that can detect three different types of cancer (melanoma, colon, and lung). It's quite simple, actually. Your blood is put under ultraviolet light, which is meant to damage the DNA. Healthy people show less DNA damage, while people with cancer show more. This is still "early days", but large scale trials will eventually take place.

32  USA: Scientists have found a new virus that they say all humans have in their gut. They're calling it "the CrAssphage virus". What exactly does it do? They're still trying to figure that out.

33  USA: Scientists in California have successfully located the part of the brain in mice that controls appetite. Using laser beams, they were able to instantly turn off hunger. The goal is to eventually find the same spot for humans, and then start treating things like obesity and anorexia.

34  World: "A feeling of nostalgia makes people part with money more easily, according to academics studying patterns of consumer behavior." That explains why retro is in.

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