September 19: 32 tabs

Bits and Bytes

01  Sponsor: Brick Alloy, a small IT consultancy that solves hard problems like scaling Twitter, securing EHR, and managing EDI complexity. Got a hard problem? Give us a shout.

02  Alibaba: Today's the day they go public on the NYSE. Price: $68 per share. Ticker Symbol: BABA.

03  Amazon: They spent $4,588,888 on the .buy TLD. Sounds absurd, but that wasn't the most expensive TLD purchase. Someone (shell company) paid $6,760,000 for .tech.

04  Apple: It looks like iOS 8 adoption may be slower than both iOS 7 and even iOS 6 adoption. Why? It's kind of obvious: iOS 8 is a gigantic download and it requires something like 5 GB of free space in order to install. How many people with 16 GB iPhones and iPads do you think have that much space free?

05  Apple: Remember when Apple announced App Bundles at WWDC? Of course you don't. Well, they're here now. If you want to buy a bunch of apps and save money, that's what App Bundles enable. Example: $1.99 for four Angry Birds games.

06  CBS: According to Bloomberg, CBS is thinking of doing to Showtime what HBO does with HBO in Europe, meaning offer it as yet another $10/month service. One, I never knew CBS owned Showtime. Two, Netflix is $10/month, and so is HBO; are people going to want yet another bill? Three, Europeans are prolific Bit Torrent users.

07  Concur: SAP is buying them for $8.3 billion.

08  Google: According to The Washington Post, the next version of Android, Android L, will have encryption turned on by default. What exactly does that mean? When you get an Android L device and turn it on for the first time, it will prompt you to configure a password/lockcode. From that point on, everything on the phone, every last bit, is encrypted.

09  Home Depot: Remember when we said we were hacked? Yeah, well, we've quantified the severity of the hack: 56 million stolen credit cards. Reminder: Target was 40 million.

10  Microsoft: You've probably heard that Microsoft is laying off 2,100 people. These are not on top of the 18,000 announced in July, these are simply a part of the 18,000. If you do the math, Microsoft still has roughly 2,900 employees they need to lay off until they hit their 18,000 target.

11  Oracle: Larry Ellison, age 70, has stepped down as the CEO of the company he built. Who will replace him? Two people: Mark Hurd and Safra Catz. Remember Hurd? He got kicked out of HP over allegations of sexual abuse.

12  Pebble: The latest version of the Pebble OS has many new features, but the one that's attracting the most attention is notification dismissal. If you get a text message on your iPhone running iOS 8, and you dismiss that notification on your Pebble, said notification will also disappear on your iPhone.

13  Samsung: The Galaxy Note 4 finally has a ship date: October 17th. That's (practically) one whole month after the iPhone 6 Plus hits store shelves.

14  Self Driving Cars: "California issued its first 29 permits this week to three companies to test self-driving cars on public roads. Google got permits for testing 25 adapted Toyota Lexus SUVs, and two permits each went to Mercedes-Benz and Audi."

15  SwiftKey: It took less than 24 hours for this third party keyboard to be downloaded over one million times by iOS users.

16  Toshiba: We're exiting the consumer PC business. The enterprise market is just fine for us. Oh and we're also firing 900 people, which is over 20% of our PC division.

17  Twitpic: They went from "OMG, we're shutting down!" to "OMG, someone bought us!". Who bought them and for how much? That information isn't public.

18  Virgin: This UK ISP says that the day Apple dropped iOS 8 was the day they saw the most activity on their network. Ever. "Total data between 6PM and midnight topped 5,900 terabytes."

19  Yahoo: After Alibaba goes public, and Yahoo cashes their chips, how much more money will be in their bank account? $3.1 billion.

The Real World

20  China: GlaxoSmithKline just got slapped with a $490 million fine for bribery. The former Head of GlaxoSmithKline China, Mark Reilly, is set to be deported.

21  Ebola: According to the United Nations, the Ebola virus should be considered a threat to national security. Also, the death toll just ticked past 2,600.

22  France: "A French aid worker from the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has contracted the Ebola virus in Liberia, reports say." She's being flown back to Paris.

23  France: We've launched our first air strikes against IS.

24  Iran: Remember when everyone liked that Pharrell song, "Happy"? Six Iranians made a video dancing to that song. It got over a million views. They've each been sentenced to one year in jail, including 91 lashings. What law did they break? Men can't dance with women.

25  Japan: We know everyone hates our desire to hunt whales, but we don't care. Expect some more Moby Dick action in 2015.

26  Science: Coolest Sentence of the Day: "The human eye has inspired physicists to create a processor that can analyse sub-atomic particle collisions 400 times faster than currently possible."

27  Scotland: They voted "No" to independence. The voting came in at 55% No, 45% yes.

28  UK: Plymouth University just dropped $245,820 on seven chairs. Yes, seven. What's so special about them? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

29  Ukraine: Poroshenko is trying hard, really hard, to get Obama to give him some serious firepower. Judging by the reaction from the U.S. Congress to Poroshenko's speech, it looks like America wants to restart the Cold War.

30  USA: 3,600 firefighters are trying to get a 111 square mile (288 sq-km) wildfire under control in California. Those numbers are incredible (in a depressing way).

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